How the Manifesto was created

The Manifesto was initiated by a number of organisations and the enthusiasm of a group of individuals, following the timeline highlighted below:

List of organisations initiating the manifesto:

List of events initiating the manifesto:

  • The Open Innovation Strategy and Policy Group (OISPG)  Open Innovation 2.0 Conference (Dublin12.06.2014) provided a starting point for a number of institutions and individuals for a reflexion about the model of innovation in Europe.
  • The idea of creating a Manifesto for Innovation in Europe was present since then in the different Open Living Lab Days Conference of the European Network of Living Labs (ENoLL):  Amsterdam (02-06.09.2014), Istanbul (25-28.08.2015) and Montreal (23-26.08.2016).
  • During the Open Science Policy Platform (OSPP) meeting and the Open Science Conference taking place in Berlin (20-22.03.2017), it was assumed the idea of developing a Manifesto inviting associations and individuals supporting Open Science and Open Innovation models.
  • During the Open Living Lab Days taking place in Krakow (29.08-01.09.2017) the European Network of Living Labs started a co-creation process with the objective of defining the main lines for a first draft of the Manifesto.
  • A specific co-Creation Workshop took place in the Brussels (25.10.2017) to have a first version of the draft.
  • The participants of the workshop had the opportunity to add comments and suggestions to the Manifesto through an online webinar (26.01.2018).
  • The integrated document was discussed in the ENoLL Council meeting in Brussels (21.02.2018).
  • The document was presented and discussed at the OSPP Meeting in Brussels (02.03.2018).
  • Linguistic corrections were applied, and the beta version of the website was running on 04.04.2018.
  • The Manifesto document was finally published on the website, ready to receive contributions on 09.04.2018 and indexed for the web search engines on 14.05.2018.
  • A workshop on the Manifesto took place at the Open Living Lab Days 2018 in Geneva on 24.08.2018. The manifesto was used as an open debate tool for efficient discussion on particular challenges and the participants contributed with missing items and potential lines of further development (outcome available here).