Manifesto Contributor: FCA

The Future Center Alliance

As an active and engaged contributor to the text creation process, I would like to recommend adding ‘Future Centers’ to the list of “initiatives already offering evidence of the transformative power of this approach. . . [playing] the role of connectors and enablers in their interaction with universities, research centres, public administration and companies.” (paragraph 6).

Future Centers in many countries across Europe (and Asia) have been developing and using diverse processes for engaging citizens and stakeholders in societal innovation since the middle 1990’s. In this work, they have pioneered new ways for leveraging the interaction between citizens, knowledge institutions, public administration and companies to create breakthroughs in thinking and realize innovation in practice.
Future Centers were part of this list in diverse early drafts, but have now disappeared from this list. We think it is important to acknowledge the pioneering work of these centres, which are still active and continuously developing new forms in their third decade.