List of documents related to the Manifesto

European Commission & Open Science

  • Open Innovation, Open Science, Open to the World – a vision for Europe (.pdf)
  • Open Science (web)
  • Providing Researchers with the Skills and Competencies they need to Practise Open Science (.pdf)
  • Evaluation of Research Careers fully acknowledging Open Science Practices Rewards, incentives and/or recognition for researchers practicing Open Science (.pdf
  • Citizen Science & Open science – Synergies and Instruments (.pdf)
  • Fourth meeting of the Open Science Policy Platform (web
  • EOSC declaration: European Open Science Cloud – New Research & Innovation Opportunities (web
  • MLE on Open Science – Altmetrics and Rewards (web
  • Mission-Oriented Research & Innovation in the European Union: A problem-solving approach to fuel innovation-led growth (.pdf
  • The European Open Science Cloud: Who pays for what?: A report of the Science|Business Network’s Cloud Consultation Group (.pdf
  • “Europe is open for innovation”: First Set of key recommendations for a European Innovation Council from the High Level Group of Innovators (.pdf
  • Open Science and Sharing Research Data: Towards European Guidelines on RDM procedures (.pdf
  • Implementing FAIR Data Principles: The Role of Libraries (web
  • Recommendations of the OSPP on Next-Generation Metrics, adopted on 30 October 2017 (.pdf
  • Responsible Research and Innovation: Europe’s ability to respond to societal challenges (.pdf

Innovation Infrastructures

  • The Helsinki Manifesto (.pdf
  • SIC – European Declaration for Social Innovation (web
  • Digital Social Innovation Manifesto (.pdf
  • Transformative Social Innovation Manifesto (web
  • Porto Manifesto (pdf)
  • EIP-SCC Manifesto on Citizen Engagement & Inclusive Smart Cities (.pdf)
  • Innovation Infrastructures 4.0: A Position Paper to Support Germany’s Innovation Infrastructure with Respect to Networking, Development and Sustainability (.pdf
  • Prospects for Technology Assessment in a framework of responsible research and innovation (.pdf
  • How to set up Cross-border Living Labs – ALCOTRA – Innovation (.pdf
  • European Research Excellence – Impact and Value for Society (web
  • Challenges and opportunities of the new approach to Open Innovation, Open Science and Open to the World (.pdf
  • Open Innovation 2.0 (.pdf