Contribute to the Manifesto

The Manifesto for Innovation in Europe is an Open process of co-creation.

What kind of contributions are needed?
You can contribute with (among other things):

  • supporting documents, in order to have a strong intellectual background underpinning the Manifesto.
  • case studies and best practices, so that we show the evidence and impact of the proposed vision.
  • general comments and suggestions, in order to develop the vision that the Manifesto provides, including openly criticising those parts of the manifesto which are not aligned with you.

In this way, we will be advancing in a real participatory process of Open Innovation, Open to the world. Your contributions will be processed and included in this webpage.




Current Contributions:

  • Public Code (web). (Added on 12/04/2018)
    Digital Innovation is based on technology. To empower the citizens these technology tools should be mainly Open Source.


  • Future Center Alliance (FCA) (web). (Added by Hank Kune on 23/04/2018)
    This is an excellent draft Manifesto with good potential to become a powerful instrument for reshaping (policy) change in Europe. You can have a more detailed explanation about why Future Center Alliance is relevant in the context of manifesto here.


  • Turku University of Applied Sciences (web). (Added by Tiina Ferm on 07/05/2018)
    Fostering policy development should include Building open labs around Thematic areas of interest e.g. health, climate as part of Developing the connections between existing local, regional and transnational innovation ecosystems


  • Laurea University of Applied Sciences (web). (Added by Anna Laakkonen on 06/07/2018)
    The manifesto should more clearly encourage researchers/citizens to publish research outcomes both in scientific and professional journals (Open Access), not forgetting social media channels and newspapers in order to make sure ‘none is left behind in this deeply transformative process’ as mentioned in manifesto’s lead paragraph.


  • ECSITE – European Network of Science Centres and Science Museums (web).(Added on 19/10/2018)

We support the Manifesto and would like to add the following : Science centres, science museums and other science engagement organisations very often have FabLabs, Citizens Labs, Living Labs. In this respect, we would like to have them explicitly mentioned as contributors in the Manifesto.

Supporting document:
Ecsite Position Paper –
Ecsite amendments to Horizon Europe (introductory part) –

  • personalEU – (web) (Added by Kurt Linderoos on 27/01/2019)

Europeans need the idea of beeing EU-citizens. By giving everyone a free SAFE .eu e-mail in connection with the passport renewal, we would create a very stron EU common sense and interest to common team forums and daily management tools: